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Dotwork design collection
134 dotwork designs: 127 design components, 7 ready-to-use complex designs


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List of contents

Pages 01 - 02: 5 simple coordinate designs

Page 03- 04: 5 coordinate designs with a date incorporated

Page 05: Coordinates with dotwork symbols: camera, mountain, arrows

Page 06: Coordinates with dotwork symbols: rose, compass, shipwheel

Page 07: Coordinates with dotwork symbols: Moon phases, crossed arrows

Page 08: Coordinates with dotwork symbols: Moon, compass, anchor

Page 09 - 10: 12 geometric zodiac constellations

Page 11: 4 different compasses from small to large

Page 12: 2 full world maps: outline only and outline with subtle dotwork texture

Page 13: 2 full Moons, 2 sets of Moon phases

Page 14: 8 planets and Pluto

Page 15 - 16: 12 different trees and treelines

Page 17: 4 mountains in circle frame

Page 18: 6 passport stamps

Pages 19: 6 geometric and dotwork arrows

Page 20: 4 decorations: broken lightbulb, pocket watch case, carabiner, nautilus shell

Pages 21: 3 decorations: hot air balloon, shipwheel, anchor

Pages 22: 10 small decorations: antlers, dagger, shell, lighthouse, hourglass, moth, paperplane, birds, jewelry, drops

Pages 23: 6 decorations: satellite, apertures, UFO, galaxy, wave, mandala

Pages 24: 4 daisies, 2 magnolias, 2 pansies

Pages 25: Sunflower, peonies, rose, lotus, primroses

Pages 26 - 29: 11 different frames and geometric shapes

Pages 30 - 35: 7 ready-to-use, complex designs made of this collection's components

Pages 36: Font references for coordinate designs

Pages 37: Notes


You can download the collection as a PDF book, ZIP archive (containing pages as JPG images) or you can download each page manually as JPG image files.


Lifelong rights to use the collection for personal and business purposes, no credits needed. Reselling the collection is strictly prohibited.


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