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Tattoo designs as unique as you

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Our custom tattoo designs are one-of-a-kind creations, ensuring you have a unique masterpiece that can't be found anywhere else. Your tattoo is yours alone.


Collaborate closely with me to shape your tattoo vision! From concept to completion, we work hand-in-hand, refining the design until it perfectly matches your vision.

No limits

Time constraints are not an issue. I'm committed to dedicating as much time as needed to create your perfect tattoo. My goal is to deliver a design that embodies every detail you desire.

So let me hear those ideas!

I'll review your submission and provide a detailed quote within 24 hours.

Your data is safe.
We only use this information to get in touch with you and start a professional conversation. We don't store it, share it with other companies or publish it in any form.

Important things:
  • A friendly vibe is the key to success, so just tell your ideas like you would tell it to a friend. You have nothing to be afraid of, I'm open minded and art knows no limits.

  • The price quote you'll receive is always the final or total price. It won't change, no matter how many revisions or work hours will be needed.

  • If you have any photos or images you'd like to show me, you can do it later in email. This form is created to help you share your ideas and receive a price quote.

  • I accept requests from all countires, no restrictions. Please keep in mind that preferred language is English.

  • The commissioned artwork will be yours only, I won't share it on social media, won't publish it. It's a private artwork made exclusively for you.

Tamas Cserep (owner, artist)
Founded in 2015