About RAW AF

I am Tamas Cserep, a digital artist from Budapest, Hungary.

RAW AF is a creative online brand based in Budapest, Hungary, founded by me in 2015. I was once a tattoo artist, now I'm a full-time digital artist and I have a degree in aesthetics and art theory. I have always wanted to do what I love to do, to draw, create and enjoy every moment of this short life. I registered my first social media accounts in 2015 and my work started to wander all around the internet. Soon my name and RAW AF became a well-known and respected source of tattoo designs and custom artworks: a dream came true. I've worked with hundreds of customers from so many amazing countries, like the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Portugal, Poland, Germany, even Peru, Mexico or Colombia - just to name a few.

My goal is to reach as many people as possible to prove that a custom artwork can be available and affordable for anyone. I draw what I love, what I'm interested in, what amazes me or even what bothers me. I believe that art has to be honest to connect and simple to communicate.


Just say hi or ask me anything. I'll try to answer to all questions, no exceptions.


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