About me?

RAW AF is your personal visual assistant.

RAW AF creates custom artworks.

RAW AF brings uniqueness.

The RAW AF Company is a creative online brand based in Budapest, Hungary. Founded in 2015 by Tamas Cserep. He is an ex-tattoo artist, now digital artist and got an aesthete degree by the way. And he loves nice visuals, he loves freedom and loves working with amazing people from all around the world. And he also loves simplicity - but hates minimalism though. He wanted a company to make small things bigger, to make simple things unresistable. And to do what he loves to do, to draw and to create and to make people's life only a bit better. Basically, this is how simply RAW AF was born.

The artwork started to wander all around the internet, RAW AF became a well-known source of unique dotwork and blackwork tattoo illustrations, we've also created logos and illustrations for apparel, smartphone cases. We've just started to produce our own modern and contemporary art prints. And we are always full of ideas, maybe the only thing we need is more hours in a day. We've worked with hundreds of customers from almost every continent, from so many countries all around the world, like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Russia, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, even Peru, Brasil or Mexico, but it's only a few. And this is the best, I love what I do, I do what I love.

A RAW AF Company egy online működő kreatív márka. Cserép Tamás alapította 2015-ben, Budapesten, Magyarországon. Tetoválóként kezdte, majd esztétaként szerzett diplomát és digitális művészetekkel kezdett foglalkozni. Imád mindent, amit látni és csodálni lehet, szereti a szabadságot és szeret a legérdekesebb emberekkel dolgozni a világ minden pontjáról. Az egyszerűség megszállottja, viszont utálja a minimalizmust. Egy brandet szeretett volna, ahol azt csinálhatja, amit szeret: rajzolni és alkotni, mások életét csak egy kicsit szebbé tenni. Igen, ilyen egyszerűen indult a RAW AF.

A munkák elkezdték bejárni az internetet, hamarosan a RAW AF egy jól ismert forrássá vált azok számára, akik különleges és művészi tetoválásokat kerestek, de dolgoztam együtt több vállalkozással, készítettem számos logót, egyedi illusztrációkat ruhákra, telefontokokra, bármire. Most pedig elkezdtem saját printekkel foglalkozni, ráadásul tele vagyok ötlettel. Talán az egyetlen, amiből kevés van, az az idő - de ötleteim mindig vannak. Több száz ügyféllel dolgoztam már szinte minden kontinensről és a legkülönbözőbb országokból az Egyesült Államoktól kezdve, Oroszországon, Portugálián át egészen Peruig vagy Mexikóig. És ez a legjobb az egészben, hogy szeretem csinálni.

Everything is hand made with love in Budapest, Hungary.

Minden kézzel és szeretettel készül Budapesten, Magyarországon.

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Frequently asked


Do you sell your own products only? Yes, definitely. We are not into reselling or dropshipping. All the items you see here is made by us.

Is everything handmade? We try to create all our products by our hands, because we enjoy every moment of it. If we need to use help and work with somebody, you will find more info about it on the actual product's page. But right now we can do everything with our own hands.

Do you test these products somehow? We've spent months with experimenting with each product, we've made a bunch of versions and tried to find the best setup. Then we left the rest to our friends, they are the best testers: they are honest and ruthless.

Why do you produce upon order? Is the item signed and dated? First of all, we'd like to go more personal and get closer to our customers. Knowing that the product is only made upon your order is way better than just shipping a pre-made item to you. And yes, our products are signed, numbered and titled for the customer.

Temporary sheets

What's included? When buying a design file and order a temporary sheet, you'll be able to download the design files immediately (just like purchasing only a design file), and we will also send a temporary tattoo to the address you specify on the PayPal checkout page. You'll get everything you need: the temporary tattoo, a small sponge and a towel for super easy application and of course: the instructions. You won't need anything else, just open the envelope and do it in a minute.

Is it harmful for skin? Is it pain-free? We use premium MagicTouch sheets to print these temporary tattoos, it's 100% safe and not harmful for your skin. It's not painful at all, in fact our main goal with these sheets is to help you try the designs easily on your skin before going to the tattoo artist.


Do you ship worldwide? Yes, we can ship to every part of the world. We provide a tracking number too.

How do you calculate shipping cost? Shipping cost is calculated dynamically. You can see the actual shipping cost of one item on its product page, this helps you when you want to use the "buy now" button and quicly order one. Then this fee applies. If you put more item into your shopping bag, we calculate a total shipping fee based on the total weight and dimensions of your package.

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