Who are we?

We are free.

Our goal is to produce a wide range of design products and offer quality design services to anybody all over the world. We'd like to create an easy-to-understand design language which is extravagant and comfortable at the same time. We love unusual visuals, we enjoy testing the limits and challenging people's aesthetical patience.

We do what we love to do and nothing else. All of these products, every artwork is a little piece of ourselves. We are experienced in classic arts, tattoo art, aesthetics and philosophy, plus we are interested in so many things related to visual aesthetics. We just love how things look like and we'd love to find how they look like the best.

In the past we've started our online career with custom tattoo illustrations, this is what brought the biggest success and helped to build our name and earn respect. We still create dozens of custom tattoo designs every week and we are not planning to stop - in fact, we're planning to reopen our tattoo studio in the next years. But we'd also like to try ourselves in some new things.

Everything is made in Budapest, Hungary, no matter what.

We don't create tons of products, we create only a few.

But all of them has a soul.

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Raw as faq

Just kidding. Most common questions.


Do you sell your own products only? Yes, definitely. We are not into reselling or dropshipping. All the items you see here is made by us.

Everything is handmade? We try to create all our products by our hands. If a product is made with the help of somebody else or made with an other company, we will tell you more about it on the product's page. But now (fortunately) we can keep everything within family.

Do you test these products somehow? We've spent months with experimenting with each product, we've made a bunch of versions and tried to find to best setup. Then we left the rest to our friends, they are the best testers (because they are honest and they can't wait to make a joke of something).

Why do you produce upon order? Is the item signed and dated? First of all, we'd like to be more personal and get closer to our customers. Knowing that the product is only made upon your order is way better than just shipping a pre-made item to you. This way we can be more cost-efficient and speed up production times. And yes, our products are signed, dated and titled for the customer.


Do you ship worldwide? Yes, we can ship to every part of the world. We provide a tracking number to every parcel.

How do you calculate shipping cost? Shipping cost is calculated dynamically. You can see the actual shipping cost of each item on its product page, but the total shipping cost can be find in "your bag" and it's based on the total weight and dimensions of all the items in your bag.

More questions will be uploaded soon.


You can find all the necessary documents below. If you have questions or need any help, feel free to send an email. We'd be glad to help.


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