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Flowers and animals


Inspired by the beauty of flowers and spirit of animals. 4 ready-to-use sample designs and 61 design components to create your own designs.

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61 design components + 4 ready-to-use designs

High resolution PDF document or ZIP file (contains all pages as high resolution JPG files)

Life-long licence to use the designs included in this collection for either personal or professional purposes, no credits required. Reselling and publishing without my permission is strictly prohibited.


Page 01.: Small and large lotus, bouquet of peonies
Page 02.: Bouquet of roses and bunch of primroses
Page 03.: Small cherry blossom branch, 2 poppies, wildrose with leaves, buds and stem
Page 04.: Carnation with stem, poppy with stem, bunch of small primroses, small dahlia
Page 05.: 2 gingko leaves, 2 rose leaves, lily of the valley, bunch of grass, 2 small leaves, bunch of stems tied together
Page 06.: Small bird, small moth, large moth with skull on its back
Page 07.: Nightingale standing, cardinal standing, sparrow standing, hummingbird flying
Page 08.: Sparrow flying, great horned owl front portrait
Page 09.: Young tiger front portrait, old tiger front portrait
Page 10.: Wolf front portrait, bear front portrait
Page 11.: Panda front portrait, antique lantern
Page 12.: Small objects for decoration: dagger, shell, arrows, cross, key, anchor with rope, jewelry button
Page 13.: Small objects for decoration: hourglass, shell, cartoony stars, camera with empty objective, bird silhouettes, small geometric mandala
Page 14.: High detail compass, skull, full Moon and its phases, decorative beads
Pages 15-17.: Geometric frames and backgrounds, empty lightbulb, empty hot air ballon
Page 18.: Golden spiral background shape
Pages 19-22.: 4 different ready-to-use sample designs created with this collectionp>

How to use these designs?

You can choose the old school way: simply print the whole collection, take it to your tattoo artist and create a design with his/her help and professional advices. But if you're not afraid of some photo editing, you can work with these files on your own easily. There are a bunch of great free apps or free trial versions out there you can use, the most important thing you'll need is layers! Download an app you prefer and let's start. (Please note that this short description is very general and covers only the basics. Feel free to explore the app and experiment with features.)

First you need to create a new document, white background. Working with layers is the key here, so add all the designs you'd like to use as new layers (or create new layers and copy-paste the designs to each layer). It's like putting all the designs on top of each other. You can edit, move, scale and rotate them individually. To ged rid of the white background of the designs, set the layer blending mode to "Multiply" or "Darken", this will make those layers look like they have transparent background.

Now the whole document may look like a mess, all the designs stacked. You can set each layer's visibility, start with setting all of them to invisible so you have a clear document with all the layers hidden. Set one of them to visible and edit it as you wish. Add your own touches, text, colors, etc and if you think you're done, set the next layer to visible and continue editing. This way you can add the layers to the document one by one and build the design step by step. You can erase all the unwanted or overlapping parts, go back and worth between layers and continue editing. You can experiment with different layouts, you can try to add or remove an object and see how it affects the whole design. Don't be afraid to follow your ideas, try different things and ask for help if you're a bit lost and clueless. Enjoy the process and create your own design.

Tamas Cserep (owner, artist)
Founded in 2015