Cabin in the woods

$5.00 Design files only

You'll be redirected to the download page right after checkout to get the full size design files. PDF and JPG formats available, 300dpi, A4 size.

$18.00 Design files + temporary tattoo kit

You'll be able to download the design files right after checkout and you'll also receive a temporary tattoo kit with 2 tattoos in the selected sizes. Free worldwide shipping, delivery in 3-6 working days (in EU) or 5-10 working days (non EU).

Select the sizes of the 2 temporary tattoos you'll receive:

Tattoo details

Size, bodyparts Medium size, fits on most bodyparts: forearm, upper arm, ribs/side, thigh or lower leg.

Files 300 dpi, A4 size, ready-to-print JPG and PDF file.

Download You can download the files right after checkout, no waiting.

Licence This design is available for both personal and professional use. You'll have life-long rights to use the purchased artwork for any purposes. Selling the artwork in any forms without our permission is strictly prohibited.

Temporary tattoo kit

Helpful Quick and easy way to try the design on your skin for a few days and show it to friends and family. No pain, no struggle, super simple, application takes about a minute. Free shipping, the high resolution design files (PDF and JPG) are included in this price, you'll be redirected to the download page after successful checkout.

Included 2 temporary tattoos in the selected sizes, small sponge for application and instructions - everything packed in a branded folder.

Application It's simple, painfree and takes only a minute. You need to press the tattoo paper onto your skin with the design facing down. Pour water on the sponge, put it on the paper and wet it thoroughly. Wait 30 seconds and slowly peel off the paper. Rinse the tattoo with water for the best effect and let it dry naturally. Temporary tattoos last on your skin for a few days.