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Art made of stardust.

RAW a.f.

Like a little magic

Dotwork (or stippling, similar to pointillism) is a unique technique that relies on the subtle interplay of tiny dots to create an artistic illusion. I meticulously place each dot, allowing the human eye's remarkable ability to blend them seamlessly, giving rise to a crisp, vibrant, and monochromatic design.

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Fear no digital

I specialize in creating digital art, and there's absolutely nothing to fear. The essence, value, and significance of the artwork remain unwavering, while the artistic process is on a whole new level. The digital canvas grants me versatility, enabling me to create unique visuals with precision and adaptability.

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Customers said

"Tamas was very accommodating and he definitely exceeded my expectations. I asked him to customize one of his designs for me and he delivered all my requests. I'm looking forward to working with him again. :)"
- John

"I contacted Tamas for a custom tattoo and he made it exactly how i wanted it! He took every piece of what I wanted abs turned it into an amazing tattoo, along with several different options! So amazing and highly recommend!"
- Em

"My husband and I got in touch with Tamas after seeing some of his work online. We were a bit apprehensive about how he would be able to translate our vision into art purely via email communication but he delivered well beyond our expectations. Tamas is definitely the first person we'll think of for our next tattoo."
- Nimisha

"No words can discribe how much I love my Tattoo from Tamas. Thank you so much!!! He has realized all my wishes and dreams."
- Sabrina

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Tamas Cserep (owner, artist)
Founded in 2015