rwTemporary tattoos

A simple and easy way to try the design on your skin - no pain, no struggle.

So what is this temporary tattoo like? It's a super thin, elastic transfer film that sticks to your skin and you can apply it in a minute using water. A temporary tattoo normally lasts for 3-7 days, but it highly depends on the actual location and skin type. It peels off slowly after a few days and leaves no marks on your skin.

Temporary tattoo helps.

Tattoos are no joke. They will stay there for your entire life so making sure everything's perfect is never a bad idea. A temporary tattoo can help you to try the design on your skin before going to the tattoo artist.

A design on paper and the same design on your skin can feel very different. Maybe the sizing is a bit off or you are not sure about the exact location. If you applied a temporary tattoo and you changed your mind, it's going to disappear in a few days, so you can give it another shot. I highly recommend to take photos of your temporary tattoos so you can compare them later or show them to your tattoo artist and help his or her work.

Temporary tattoos can help you to:

  • make sure you'll love your tattoo before booking an appointment,

  • find the best size and location for your tattoo,

  • get used to tattoos if this is going to be the first one.

How to use.

Application is easy: peel off the protective layer and place the temporary tattoo paper onto your skin - design facing down obviously. Wet the tattoo paper thoroughly and wait for 30 seconds. The temporary tattoo is now transferred to your skin, you can simply slide and remove the paper. Rinse the tattoo with water and let it dry. It's water resistant, you can live your life just like you normally would. The tattoo will start to peel off after a few days.

Things you'll receive.

Included in the temporary tattoo kit: temporary tattoos in the selected sizes + a paper holder with instructions + a compressed towel to clean your skin and wet the tattoo paper.

Temporary tattoos / 04-march-2020

RAW AF / Budapest, Hungary / Tamas Cserep