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Limited tattoo designs.

Type Limited tattoo design: only one purchase available, this design will be inactive and unavailable for other customers. You'll be the only one who has the files and the rights to use this design, nobody else.

Files 300 dpi, International A4 size, JPG and PDF file

Temporary tattoo kit You can buy not only the design file, but order a temporary tattoo kit. This includes 2 temporary tattoos in the selected sizes, instructions and a sponge for application. Quick and easy way to try the design on your skin for a few days and show it to friends and family. No pain, no struggle, super simple, applications takes about a minute. Now with free worldwide shipping.

Licence You'll have life-long rights to use the purchased artwork for any purposes. Selling of the artwork in any forms without our permission is strictly prohibited.


Design files only

You will be redirected to after a successful checkout to download the design files.


Design files + temporary tattoo kit

You will be redirected to after a successful checkout to download the design files + you'll receive the temporary tattoo kit in 5-10 working days (free shipping). We'll ship to your default PayPal shipping address, or you can add a new address during the checkout.

Select the sizes of the 2 temporary tattoos you'll receive:


You can download the design as a PDF document or a JPG image. High resolution files, ready to print: 300dpi, A4 size.


Lifelong rights to use the design for personal and business purposes, no credits needed. Reselling the collection is strictly prohibited.


If you experience any errors during downloading the files, don't hesitate to send us an email to and we'll send everything in email.


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