Art prints

Embroidery hoops ›

Classic print on super white canvas, stretched in bamboo embroidery hoop. Minimalistic, extraordinary and lightweight, has a natural and warm vibe.

Concrete ›

Super fine concrete panel with wood backside. Comes with a removable kickstand, so you can either stand it on your desktop or hang it on your wall.

Tempered glass (coming soon)

Looks like clear water or rather a diamond. Simple and purely focuses on art. Have you ever seen artwork printed directly on glass? Well, I did it.

I print and sell only my illustrations and artworks. If you love my style then you'll love my prints too. All the artworks are designed to fit and look perfect on each material.

Everything is handmade and I do my best to keep all the work in house. I draw, print, transfer, heat, pour the concrete, sand the wood, assembly and sign it. So at the end I can proudly say: 'I did it'.

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RAW AF / Budapest, Hungary / Tamas Cserep