Temporary tattoo kit

Try the design first, then get it tattooed.

100% pain-free

Temporary tattoo is a transparent thin film that sticks to your skin, then peels off after a few days without leaving any residue.

Super easy

Application is simple and takes only a minute. No special things needed; only water and a sponge (which is included in the kit).

Helps to decide

These tattoos are not only fun, but trying the design on your skin helps you to be sure everything's spot on. Boosts confidence.

What is included?

The temporary tattoo kit includes 2 temporary tattoos in the selected size + a cute white sponge for application + instructions and some useful tips.

What is this temporary tattoo?

The temporary tattoo is an ultra thin transfer film with the design printed on it. This film simply sticks to your skin and stay there for a few days, then peels off. The transfer paper we use is produced by TheMagicTouch©, it's high-quality and safe to use on your skin.

How it helps?

Tattoos are no joke. They will stay there for your entire life, so making sure everything's perfect is not a bad idea. Trying the design before getting it tattooed can help you to:

  • find the best location for your tattoo;

  • find the perfect size, you'll see if it's too large or too small;

  • be sure you love the design and you don't want to change anything;

  • be sure you're ready for getting a new tattoo.

How to use?

Application is simple: just peel off the protective layer and place the tattoo onto your skin. Wet the paper with the sponge (included), wait for 30 seconds. The tattoo is now transferred to your skin, you can simply remove the paper. Rinse the tattoo with water and let it dry naturally.

RAW AF / Budapest, Hungary / Artist: Tamas Cserep